Greystar Real Estate Partners

Charleston, South Carolina

Greystar was founded in 1993 with the intent to become a provider of world-class service in the multifamily real estate business. Greystar’s innovative business model integrates the management, development and investment disciplines of the multifamily industry on both national and local levels. This unique approach and Greystar’s commitment to hiring the very best multifamily professionals have resulted in record growth, making Greystar one of the most respected and trusted multifamily real estate companies in the country.
Because Greystar’s business model includes both investment and service-oriented businesses, they are able to maintain a constant presence in local markets and create value in all phases of the real estate cycle. Greystar’s national platform provides economies of scale, financial sophistication, institutional quality reporting and tremendous capital relationships, while the firm’s city offices provide local market expertise and execution.
Greystar's dedication to redefining excellence in apartment living means they are constantly exploring innovative ideas and pioneering new ways to serve their residents and clients.