Oakwood Real Estate Partners creates wealth by investing in real estate and Sponsors often overlooked by large institutional investors. Our model focuses on alignment of interests with our investors.

We believe in partnership and all that it implies.

Relationship based approach

Oakwood Real Estate Partners has established far-reaching relationships with a core group of sponsors in order to source commercial real estate investments in multifamily, retail, office, senior housing, industrial and land assets throughout the United States. Investments with repeat sponsors enhances efficiency, increases alignment and improves execution. Our strategy is based upon the belief that real estate is a local business best understood by local experts.

Non-institutional Real estate

Focus on smaller assets which are below institutional funds' equity investment size limits creating inefficient asset pricing which Oakwood exploits. Additionally, making multiple small investments improves diversification.

Diversified Platform

Provide broad diversification within commercial real estate by originating investments across various markets and asset classes and by investing in a large number of smaller investments. 

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