Investment Strategy

Oakwood Real Estate Partners is a seasoned team with a strong track record and deep real estate expertise. The partners of the firm have worked together for over 13 years with over 120 years of cumulative operating and investment experience.

Deep Sector

Partners have deep real estate experience with nationally recognized real estate firms – our vast network drives deal flow and superior decision-making.

Focused, High-Quality
Deal Flow

We build high-quality deal flow by capitalizing on secular trends and attractive market fundamentals, maintaining and developing local market relationships, targeting smaller assets with inefficient pricing and having early access to complex deals.

Alignment with
Operating Partners

We believe that real estate is a local business best understood by local experts which is why we invest nationally with who we believe are best-in-class Operating Partners. Through Oakwood’s extensive network, we have cultivated deep relationships with over 20 firms leading to structural alignment and therefore, repeat successful investments for our Funds.

Implement Yield-Creation

Oakwood seeks to add value by working in close collaboration with Operating Partners to identify initiatives to drive returns. This may look like pivoting business plans based upon local and macro market changes, supporting Operating Partners in areas where they have less expertise, or spreading real-time lessons learned across our portfolio.

Investment Vehicles

Oakwood Real Estate Partners has aimed to create a diversified portfolio driven by a hands-on and disciplined investment strategy implemented by a seasoned team since 2005.

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